In Acts 5, the angel of the Lord appears to the imprisoned apostles and opens the door—

Go, stand in the temple courts and preach the words that bring life!

They immediately return to the work that put them in jail in the first place—spreading the word about Jesus in the public square. Again, the Sanhedrin drags them before the council to answer for their refusal to be silent.

We must listen to and obey God rather than men, says Peter.

You had Jesus arrested and killed but God has raised him up.

Jesus is now exalted and seated at the right Hand of God as Savior and Champion of those who believe.

He alone has the power to grant repentance and forgiveness of sin.

We are witnesses of these things, and so is the Holy Spirit, whom God freely gives to all who believe.

When the high priests heard this, they were infuriated and plotted to murder them.

We too are witnesses to these things, called to give testimony to the truth of Jesus Christ as Redeemer and Lord—even in the face of angry opposition.

We are called to lead, not to follow.

We are called to speak out, not to remain silent.

Acts 5:28-32

What are you sensing from God about your part in this time?

Where are you experiencing resistance to speaking out?

What would it mean for you to bear witness to Christ Jesus? Or preach words that bring life?

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