Have you ever found something odd growing in your garden?

Walking through my mother’s summer garden one evening, admiring colorful beds of blooming flowers and creeping vines, we stopped at a curious looking plant. Unable to identify the deviant specimen, my green thumb mother was giving it room to grow into something

“Mom, that’s a weed!”

Unconvinced, she declined to pull it out—just yet.

Lies in our belief system are a lot like weeds in the garden.

We harbor a swarm of falsehoods—large and small—without realizing they’re lies! These deceptions take cover in a cloak of normalcy and thrive in an environment of benign neglect, barely noticed.

Don’t you know that when you allow even a little lie into your heart, it can permeate your entire belief system? Galatians 5:8 TPT

Any of these sound familiar?

God loves other people more than He loves me.

I’m not good enough to be truly loved.

I can never measure up to other’s expectations of me.

The things I’ve done are too shameful to be forgiven.

God doesn’t really want to spend time with me.

I don’t really have anything of value to offer.

Everyone else is more gifted than I am.

I’m not lovable.

God doesn’t listen to my prayers.

I’ll never grow beyond where I am right now.

If I could just get my act together, then God would bless me.


What other weed-lies do you find growing in your thought life?

Renounce them one by one and pull them up by the roots.

Internalize the truth of who God says you are instead – and never let it go!

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