From Eden to Gethsemane, the journey of mankind threads through two gardens.

The journey from Eden led to sin, captivity, separation from God, and ultimate death.

The journey from Gethsemane led to crucifixion, redemption and ultimate resurrection life for all who choose to follow Jesus through the cross.

One path leads to the world.
The other leads to the Kingdom of God.

One path leads to separation from God.
The other path leads to restoration of right relationship with our heavenly Father.

One path leads to distortion and destruction of identity.
The other path leads to recovery of true identity and destiny in Christ.

The answer to Eden’s temptation says,
Not your will, Lord, but my will be done..
The Answer to Gethsemane’s temptation says,
Not my will but thy will be done.

What other observations do you have concerning these two gardens?These two paths?

These two temptations?

Where are you in this journey?

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