May His Spirit breathe fresh wind and fresh fire to your heart today. The one whose heart is open, let him listen carefully to what the Spirit is saying now to the Ekklesia. Revelation 3:22

I see you’re trying to find your way as you transition into this new era. I see you looking ahead to where you think I’m taking you. I hear your fretful and sometimes fearful questions—

“What should I take with me into this new time?” 

“What should I leave behind?” 

“What will the new place look like?” 

“What will happen when I get there?” 

“Where do I belong?”

“What should I do right now?” 


My child, fear not! Be anxious for nothing. This is a time of waiting with eager expectation.

The era is changing—but I remain the same.

Keep your eyes on me because I AM all you need for transition. Nothing else matters.

Lord, each day is sweeter because of your goodness and unchanging nature. You are all I need! Amen.

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