Without him, nothing was made that has been made. John 1:3

I recently heard someone speak about the conceit of chronology—the notion so prevalent today that those who come later are better than those who have gone before.

Modern culture tends to think we are the most advanced and progressive people that have ever walked the earth. This me-centric, egoistic way of being tends to accentuate the God gap, relegating God’s power and divinity to some other time and generation less sophisticated than our own. As if we don’t really need that God nonsense any more. We’re better than that.

The result is a terrible drift and disconnect from the Ultimate Source of life, hope and purpose. The result is loneliness. The effect is despair.

If all we need in this world is tied up in social media, internet and the various devices that keep us connected to a fragile framework of virtual community, we drift dangerously from the power and deeper purposes of God.

How might this insight change the way you engage with culture?

How do you see this recency bias or conceit of chronology affecting your own perception of God, even in subtle ways?

How can you remain anchored to God’s higher purposes for your life


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