This is amazing! How did you ever figure out how to do this kind of ministry? We should have this in all our churches.


My husband and I visited Hidden Manna and it was so amazing! I have seen God do mighty things after that session and I want you to know how much I appreciate your ministry!


The words spoken over me today felt like a letter from God.


Yesterday we gathered together with our King, Lord, Savior and friend. Thank you for such a sweet time. We are never alone!!!


God showed up and spoke deep things to minister to my heart. Hidden Manna is a mighty ministry! Thank you for your love, integrity and steadfastness!


I so enjoyed my appointment and feel very blessed and filled up with encouragement and love. What a blessed and beautiful ministry!


Everyone needs to do this!


I was very blessed by the prayer team. God spoke and told me what I needed to hear.


Thank you all for your guidance to the Lord’s healing touch. I have continued to forgive as memories appear. Also waiting and letting the Holy Spirit help me learn to think rightly about who I am in Christ.


Thank you for praying me through some difficult memories. The Lord is faithful to continue to heal me. He is our living hope. 1 Peter 1. And He restores my soul. Psalm 23. Words can’t explain the freedom I am beginning to experience. God bless His work through this ministry.


My cup runneth over! I am beyond blessed. Words cannot describe the fullness of my spirit!


My experience with Hidden Manna was amazing. I have been at such peace since.


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