• PSALM 23:3

    In his book, “A Shepherd Looks at Psalm 23, “ Philip Keller describes a “cast” sheep as one who has turned over on its back, and cannot get up by itself again. This can happen due to illness, age or pregnancy. But any sheep can become a “cast” sheep for various reasons. 

    It’s a shepherd’s responsibility to look over his flock daily to make sure the sheep are able to get upright. If they can’t, he has to help them get up on their feet or within a short time they will die. The shepherd searches his flock looking for those who are “cast” sheep….vulnerable to predators and unable to care for themselves.  

    If a sheep has been on its back too long, the legs lose circulation and even when gently turned over, the sheep may be unable to stand. The shepherd then has to hold his sheep upright and massage the legs until circulation is restored so it can stand on its own without falling over. 

    The enemy will tell us we are not worthy to stand again and that God is done with us. Not true! Our Good Shepherd sees our struggle and comes to our aid armed with hope and strength. Restoration is ours, over and over again.

    When has your shepherd borne the heaviness of holding you till you could stand again?

    He restores my soul.” Psalm 23:3