• PSALM 23:2

    Sheep don’t lie down so willingly. They’re easily agitated, skittish, and fearful. A good shepherd provides an environment of peace and assurance of protection in order to get his sheep to lie down. He has to move them away from whatever upsets them or threatens their well-being. 

    When life gets crazy and we are pulled in many directions or panicked about something, he calls us to stop what we’re doing and gaze on his presence. He urges us to lie down and experience his peace. The sound of his voice leads us to a stillness we long for. Amidst our frenzy, we begin to take deep breaths of his goodness and strength which calm our anxious hearts and minds. He creates those places for us whether we’re behind the wheel of a car, in a hospital, or caring for family. He leads us to pastures and quiet streams, providing the very thing we need in the moment. 

    How do you know when your shepherd is saying, “Stop and lie down here. Listen to the stillness I’m providing.”

    “He makes me lie down in green pastures, he leads me beside quiet waters,”

    Psalms 23:2