Prayer Boot Camp Call-Outs

Prayer Boot Camp Call-Outs

Unit 1 – Worship, Stillness, and Scripture

  • Worship is the foundation of all prayer.
  • What can we say more rightly in prayer than what has already been set forth in Scripture?
  • The practice of alert stillness helps us hear from God.

Unit 2 – Invitation to Relationship

  • God is not interested in religion. What He really cares about is a relationship.
  • Without Scripture, we have an inaccurate view of who God is and who we are in Christ.
  • We experience victory when our understanding of who we are begins to line up with the reality of who God is.
  • The world holds up broken mirrors to who we are in Christ.

Unit 3 – Confession and Repentance

  • True repentance is a profound expression of worship.
  • Sin disrupts God’s design for intimacy.
  • Repentance is a gift.
  • Condemnation is the enemy’s ploy to keep us in bondage to guilt and shame.

Unit 4 – Praying from the Inside Out

  • Spirit inspired prayer flows from right alignment with God’s heart.
  • Who you are at home is who you are in God’s Kingdom.
  • Let your present reality inform your prayer priority.

Unit 5 – Prayer of Rest

  • Rest is not a position of our bodies but a condition of our hearts.
  • Our identity is ‘Beloved of the Lord’. Our battle is to dismiss everything that says otherwise.
  • Stillness is a measure of our trust in the goodness of God.
  • Disobedience steals God’s rest.

Unit 6 –Recognizing the Voice of God

  • To recognize God’s voice is to acknowledge His holiness.
  • Periods when God seems to be silent are opportunities to build faith in our noise-shattered hearts.
  • Stillness permits the Father to quiet us with His love.
  • We should have an expectation of hearing God’s voice.

Unit 7 – Stones of Remembrance

  • Remembering the goodness of God is a profound expression of worship.
  • Remembering what God has done for us cultivates a thankful heart.
  • A grateful heart changes the atmosphere.
  • Christ is the cornerstone for every altar of remembrance we build in the Kingdom.

Unit 8 –Praying Like the Bride

  • We are made to be fascinated with God.
  • You are the Bride of Christ. Rest in who God says you are.
  • Prayer is an expression of our intimacy with Christ.
  • The Bride’s intimacy with God determines her capacity to intimidate the enemy.
  • When the Church learns to pray like His Bride, the world will see God the way He is meant to be seen.

Unit 9 – At the King’s Table

  • Come – taste and see that the Lord is good!
  • God invites us to a progressive feast of abundance.
  • God is most glorified in us when we are most satisfied in Him.
  • We always need to consider where we are feasting.

Unit 10 – The Battle Ready Warrior

  • Worship and the Word prepare us for battle.
  • We stand ready. We see Jesus. We choose Christ.
  • We war from a place of intimacy and authority, hidden with God.
  • The battle ready warrior stays close to his Commander-in-Chief.

Unit 11 – The Overcoming Warrior

  • The outcome of this battle? Beloved, it isn’t even close.
  • Worship and obedience enable us to plunder the enemy camp.
  • Effective battle strategies begin and end with praise.
  • The King of Glory fights for you.

Unit 12- Beholding God

  • Beholding you, we are ruined for anything less.
  • We become what we behold.
  • To behold is to be held.
  • Our capacity to be stilled is our capacity to be filled.
  • Jesus longs for the hospitality of an undivided heart.