On the Points of Enemy Spears

On the Points of Enemy Spears

My eye settled in the middle of Psalm 103 – He knows we are dust!

As the tenderness of the Father’s words rose off the page, I breathed a sigh of relief. He knows I am weak. He knows how little it takes to send me off course, to cause me to doubt, to wander, to complain. And still, He loves me. Incredible.

Lord, you know what a hard place I’m in. Yes, I know.
You know how badly I’ve fallen short here. Yes, I know.
Aren’t you even a little surprised at the mess I’ve made of this? No. I know you are dust. And I have redeemed you. I’ve taken care of this.

There was not an iota of condemnation, not a whiff of disappointment in my Father God. In fact, the overwhelming sense of His consolation lifted me out of my miry pit and set me in a new place, a place I wrote into my journal. A place I return to when I need to be reminded of the Father’s mercy and compassion in my worst moments . . .

I am dust, yet you have redeemed me.
You paid full ransom for a fist full of ashes.
You breathe on them and they spring to life.
They sing for joy and dance on the points of the enemy’s spears.
They laugh aloud in the face of danger and raise their arms to the face of God.

Do you ever feel like dust? Like the weight of failure or inadequacy might overwhelm you? Have you noticed the Father’s huge compassion—his tender heart and strong arm on your behalf?

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