So You Think
You’ve Forgiven?
Think Again.

Is there something you’ve inadvertently picked up along the way that’s sucking the life out of you? Stealing your peace? Has you stuck?

Stuck happens. Much as we think we’ve moved on, hard things have a way of taking root in the heartscape of our lives. Off the Hook shares real life stories of real people who had no idea they were still captive to past hurts—until they walked through deep forgiveness!

This way of forgiveness offers healing and freedom you never thought possible. It’s about the power of truly letting go—taking old pain patterns and people off your hook, for your sake, not theirs. No longer hemmed in by the burden of injustice, loss and offense, you are finally free to soar above it.

Discover what no one has told you about the forgiveness power tool—what it is, what it is not, and how to do it. Rewrite the ending to your true story by retrieving the wellbeing and destiny God has for you.

Forgiveness first. Free at last. Let the power of this divine exchange kiss you back to life.

Now available in Kindle, Audiobook, and Paperback formats

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    Dana Tibbitts & Patti Goldberg

    Patti and Dana began ministry together as Prayer Chairmen at Community Bible Study. In 2002, they responded to a need for local pastors and spiritual leaders to have a safe place for spiritual care and healing prayer. Together with their colleagues in HMM they have pioneered a kingdom ministry model to build up and equip the body of Christ “until we all reach unity in the faith” in the fullness of Christ.

    Off the Hook represents the team’s shared commitment to see healing for the broken-hearted and freedom for captives through God’s presence and power to heal. Their groundbreaking prayer discipleship workbook, Prayer Boot Camp: Preparation for the Battle of Your Life, has been transformational for small groups and faith communities nationwide.