May His Spirit breathe fresh wind and fresh fire to your heart today. The one whose heart is open, let him listen carefully to what the Spirit is saying now to the Ekklesia. Revelation 3:22

Dear child, you are born of Me, the Almighty God, Lord of heaven and earth! Everyone who has been born of Me overcomes the world. Remember, I am within you—He who is in you is greater than he who is in the world. I have sealed you with My powerful Holy Spirit. Trust Me to keep you and keep you close. 

Don’t forget—your faith is the victory that has overcome the world, dear child. Now, beloved, stand firm in this faith as you continually remember and rejoice in  who I am to you—now and forever. 

Therefore, my brothers and sisters,
whom I love and long for,
my joy and crown,
stand firm thus in the Lord,
my beloved.
Philippians 4:1

Jesus, You are my Keeper. What is a specific area of my life where I need to stand firm in this truth & trust You?

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