For such a time as this!
God is not angry.
God is not disappointed with you.
He is not counting your sins against you.
He is not keeping track of your faults and failures.
He is not holding onto the times you’ve put him on the back burner or pushed him away.
He is not wondering when you’re going to get your act together.
He will never give up on you.

Instead. . .
Your Heavenly Father is counting your tears and keeping them in a bottle with your name on it—because tears are prayers too.

He is remembering with great joy the countless things He loves about you.

He is thinking upon you infinitely and with tender affection.

He is longing for deeper relationship with you.

He laughs with you and cries with you.

He counts the ways He has created you in His own image and likeness.

He counts the hours and the days until you—

turn back to Him
draw close to Him
and surrender everything to His unfailing love.
This is Who your Father is.
This is who you are to Him.

Ponder each thought and make it your own.

Is there anything here that fails to align with what your heart knows?

Ask God to make each part of His love real to you.

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