Hiding From Your Destiny?

Hiding From Your Destiny?

Some troublemakers said of Saul, “How can this fellow save us?” They despised him and brought him no gifts. But Saul kept silent. 1Sam 10:27

When the time came for Saul to be anointed king, Samuel gathered the twelve tribes of Israel. The tribe of Benjamin was chosen. Then the clan of Matri was chosen. Finally Saul, son of Kish was called forward, but he was nowhere to be found. When the people inquired of the Lord as to his whereabouts, He answered, He is hiding in the baggage. The man selected by God for highest honor in the kingdom, the first chosen king over Israel, was cowering in a pile of luggage, hiding like a thief and fraud from God’s calling on his life!

When a few troublemakers began to grouse, How can this fellow save us? Saul was mute—perhaps because he was wondering the same thing himself.

Why? Because Saul didn’t know who he was!

I get Saul. I know what it is to hear the voice of the accuser taunting, Who do you think you are? And instead of asking God to remind me of who I am, I start quietly comparing myself to those around me, brooding over my shortcomings, deaf to who God says I am.

Comparison eats us alive.

When we lapse into comparison, we become lost in the quagmire of our own insecurities, unable to see ourselves the way God sees us. When we allow others to define our identity, when we draw our validation from any place other than the cross of Christ, then the destructive force of comparison lies waiting to devour us. We begin to jockey for position in the kingdom rather than resting in our God-given position among His beloved.

Comparison narrows the beauty of God’s creative workmanship in us. It stirs up a spirit of competition that either tears down others in order to make us feel better about ourselves, or tears down our own true identity in Christ. It steals, kills and destroys the very life of Christ in us because as soon as we enter the thicket of comparison, our gaze is no longer fixed on Him but fixed instead on ourselves and everyone around us.

When God calls us to step forward, we have a choice. We can choose to lose ourselves to silence and self-absorption. Or we can choose to hear God speak His word over us in such a way that our hearts actually believe and embrace the reality of who Jesus says we are.

Who are we? We are His poiema – His poem, His workmanship – uniquely and tenderly crafted in Christ Jesus for His own good purpose.

Are you inclined to compare yourself and your gifts to others? Have you asked Jesus to show you how He sees you? Are you hiding from the you that He sees?

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