Do you ever find yourself distracted from the Word? When plans and activities—good though they may be—have pulled you away from your sanctuary time with God?

After a few days away from my normal routine, I found myself feeling disconnected, distracted and vaguely depleted. I bypassed morning email and retreated to my favorite corner with Jesus.

Father, gather me in your word!

My heart cried out to be scooped up, gathered in, and pulled together again in Christ—to let Him wrap me up in His loving arms and hold me close in the power of His Word. I needed to be collected in Him again.

So many times I have longed to gather my people as a hen gathers her chicks under her wings, but you … Matthew 23:37

But where was I instead? Too busy? Too distracted? Too much with the world and not enough with the Word?

As soon as we turn back, the Word runs to meet us, to gather us into His loving arms and hold us very close.

Are you longing to be gathered again in the Word?

What has kept you from being gathered around the fire of His deep love for you?

How will you respond to His heart cry to scoop you up and gather you into the place of His presence that He has prepared for you in His Word?

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