Forgiveness First

The Divine Bridge to Healing and Wholeness

People in global ministry are already saying, This is more than a book—it’s a movement!

More than 20 years in healing prayer ministry has brought to light a hidden plague, the famine of forgiveness that is literally destroying us from the inside out—not only in culture at large but in the church, first and foremost.

Forgiveness is the vital key to unity and reconciliation in the body of Christ. As a divine transaction between you and God, it may change little about the one you are forgiving—but everything about the person you are becoming. Unforgiveness is the primary obstacle to fulfilling your true identity and destiny in the kingdom of God. The eternal and life-changing work of forgiveness is the supernatural power tool to align our lives with God’s design.

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Among the life-changing truths God has revealed along the way...
  • Forgiveness is the divine portal to healing, wholeness and destiny.
  • Release from old pain patterns and stuck places is inextricably linked to forgiveness.
  • Confronting areas of unforgiveness is essential to our personal freedom and true identity.
  • Myths, misunderstandings and fallacies obstruct the forgiveness pathway to freedom.
  • Few have experienced the transformational freedom forgiveness releases into our lives.
  • Many if not most—even in the faith community—do not understand forgiveness, let alone how to do it!
  • Until and unless we cross the forgiveness bridge, we cannot be healed, and we cannot get free.

Bottom line?

Nothing is more vital to our ability to navigate and recover from the universal problem of pain, discord and division than forgiveness!

In the aftermath of forgiveness, life-long pain and deficit patterns fall apart. We most often hear from those who cross the forgiveness bridge with us—I had no idea there was so much to forgive! I feel like a huge weight has been lifted off.

For Christians first, forgiveness is the central dynamic of God’s redemptive action in our lives. Jesus’ directive to extend to others the same forgiveness that He has extended to us is made real in our alignment with His divine mandate—Forgive as you have been forgiven. If you do not forgive others, then neither will your heavenly Father forgive you.

This hard truth finds its soft landing at the cross. Here we gather as the body of Christ to minister the reality of the bought and paid for work of forgiveness that Jesus established at the cross—where together we discover the layers upon layers of grace, life and healing that are ours in Christ.

Only in this way will we fulfill—individually and collectively—our ultimate identity and destiny in Christ. Only by recovering the lost art of living mercifully can we hope to align with the life-giving power of God in our lives and communities—first for the church, then for the nations.

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