My children, I hear you praying about what you see on the news, the legislation you see before your government leaders, the horrors and hopelessness you see around you on a daily basis.

You see hell on earth—

*I see hurting people!*

I AM a relational God. My priority has always been to have life-saving fellowship with everyone. Pray for the people you see on the news, your government leaders, and those you perceive as harming you. It’s never been about the system of worldly culture for Me.

*It’s always been about My people.*

I’m teaching you to love the way I love! Restructure your prayers in this day so they reflect your heart for a hurting world in alignment with Mine.

For God so loved the world
that he gave his only and unique Son,
so that everyone who trusts in him
may have eternal life,
instead of being utterly destroyed.
John 3:16 CJB

Lord, forgive me for seeing only what upsets me, rather than seeing hurting and lost people. I repent! I resolve to pray for those I see in danger of being utterly destroyed. Amen.

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