To trust God in the light is nothing,
but to trust him in the dark—that is faith! Charles Spurgeon

Another restless night—the clock ticking through the early morning hours, the third watch once again. I’d like to say I was praying, but let’s be honest. I was complaining—wrestling with God through the well-worn path of old worries, fretting over unanswered prayers.

How long, Lord? Why haven’t you done what I’ve been asking for all these years? Why do I see not progress? How many more prayers until you deal with this? When will you finally break through? And if you’re not going to, then let’s talk about what I should do next to take care of this…

Let’s be honest, I was whining. God had good reason to roll His eyes and let me carry on until dawn. But He didn’t.

I suddenly felt His words of invitation. Come stand alongside me, my child. Look with me back down the road of all your worries, regrets and unfinished business… What do you see?

I was shocked. What I saw took my breath away.

In a single pivot, like the turn of a camera lens to a completely new point-of-view, I saw with astonishing clarity what was previously hidden from sight.

My first response came in a wave of wonder and relief, He’s got it! All of it, held in the palm of His hand!  I was practically jumping up and down with joy.

Then followed a surge of regret. Why had I wasted so much time, energy and lost sleep in worry over things that my Heavenly Father had already dealt with! Every unresolved problem, every broken thing, brought to its rightful conclusion. He’s got it! He’s got All of it!

In this instant I understood why Jesus tells us so plainly—Fear not. Be anxious for nothing!

Why? Because God has it all. Every bit of it. There is no unfinished business for those who are in Christ. There are no loose ends. There are no unresolved problems in the kingdom of God. Not one.

Now faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see. Hebrews 11:1

Where are you wasting energy on worry or anxiety?


What is the fruit of your anxious thoughts?


Ask God to enlarge your faith perspective so that you can see the unseen with greater clarity in your own life experience.



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