Before there was light, there was Love.

Love is before all things.

Love articulates the form and substance of all things.

Love gives birth to life.

Love is sovereign over all things.

Love holds all things together.

What law and religious duty were powerless to do, Love did.

Love laid down His life so that you wouldn’t have to.

Love rescued you from the dominion of darkness.

Love has set you free from shame, fear and death.

Love has released you to redemption, completion and true self.

Love dances you into the kingdom of Love.

Love is supreme, reconciling all things to Himself—especially us.

Love stands at the door and knocks.

Love opens the door to Love.

Love comes in to abide with us and give us sanctuary in the Father’s heart.

Love is making all things new.

Love never condemns or abandons us.

Love wins every time.

God is Love.

Love’s light shines in the darkness and the darkness cannot extinguish it.

In the end, there is Love and nothing but Love.

You are Love’s beloved child.
Love longs for you.
Love waits for you.
Love welcomes you into His deep embrace.

Where is your heart longing for true Love?

Have you opened the door of your heart to let Love in?

Will you once again refresh and renew yourself in the Father’s Love?

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