When Jesus saw her weeping, and the Jews who had come along with her also weeping, he was deeply moved in spirit and troubled . . . Jesus wept. John 11:33,35 NIV

The holidays are here—and with them come the hope and expectation of a movie-magic season. After all, Tis the season to be jolly! Right?

But what if your life isn’t jolly? What if grief and trauma have wrapped around you like a heavy cloak you can’t shake off? Perhaps you are grieving loss—a parent or child, a sibling or dear friend, a dream, a relationship, health, financial security or innocence. 

Well-meaning loved ones may urge you to remember the good times, to remember that Jesus is grieving with you, to think positive. But when you’re stuck in the pit of grief and loss—especially during the holiday season—remembering the past may only reinforce the grief over things which are no longer true for you.

Jesus was acquainted with sorrow, grief and loss. John tells us that when Lazarus died, Jesus was deeply moved in His spirit and wept. Tears for his lost friend, his sisters, his friends streamed down His face in deep sorrow. But John also tells us that Jesus was troubled. The Greek word here can mean indignant and stirred with anger.

So who was Jesus angry with—Lazarus for dying? Mourners for crying? Himself for grieving? 

Could it be that He was angry over the devil’s work—for taking the life of His friend, for inflicting trauma and pain to those who loved Lazarus? Could he be angry at the devil for killing, stealing and destroying the life, joy and peace of those He loved?

And what does He do in response?

He raises Lazarus from the dead!

No more loss! No more grief! No more victory for the enemy!

What are you grieving right now that is keeping you stuck in pain and anger?

What is God stirring you to raise from the dead in this season?

Even if you can’t literally raise a loved one from the dead or return to a happier time, you can put the enemy on notice, as Jesus did, that he can no longer bury you in trauma, devastation and death shrouds—

You can declare aloud that you’re coming out of agreement with trauma.
You can forgive someone who has deeply wounded you.
You can reach out to restore and make amends in a lost relationship.
You can reframe trauma by declaring that this is a new season for you—a season of living hopefully, joyfully, and victoriously in Christ!

I am sent to announce a new season of Yahweh’s grace and a time of God’s recompense on his enemies, to comfort all who are in sorrow, to strengthen those crushed by despair who mourn in Zion—to give them a beautiful bouquet in the place of ashes, the oil of bliss instead of tears, and the mantle of joyous praise instead of a spirit of heaviness. Because of this, they will be known as Mighty Oaks of Righteousness, planted by Yahweh as a living display of his glory. Isaiah 61:3 TPT

Declare aloud your alignment with life and joy until your heart catches up with your head!


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