Yesterday I woke my husband up by wishing him a happy birthday. He was a bit confused since his birthday was actually a little more than two weeks ago. When he asked why I was wishing him a happy birthday, I reminded him . . .

One year ago was the day that might have been his last on earth.

It was before 7 a.m. on a Wednesday. Our three teenage children were still asleep–one of the perks of online school. Bob and I were getting out of bed to start our day with the routine morning chores. He was grumbling about not being able to wake up. As he followed me down the hallway, he said, “I can’t wake up. . . I don’t feel so great.”

I suggested he go relax while I put the dogs outside and started the coffee. So he flopped onto the sofa. But when I came back into the house, he was staggering towards me saying, “Everything is leaning to one side,” and he was leaning to one side. So I grabbed my iPad, pulled up WebMD and put in his symptoms. Hmmm…flu. I can handle that. Vertigo. I can handle that. Stroke. “Honey, do you think you might be having a stroke?” “Maybe”, he said. SCREECH!!!

I flew down the hallway to change out of pajamas. “Boys,” I called. “Daddy doesn’t feel good and I need to take him to the hospital. Help him into the car.” By then my husband could barely walk. Luckily my sons were strong enough to get him into the car.

As we travelled the winding road towards town, I had one hand on the steering wheel and the other on my husband. “Lord, Jesus. We need you right now. Come quickly, Lord. We are calling you into Bob’s body right now. Enter this situation and heal whatever needs healing right now.”

By the time we arrived at the ER, my husband was barely able to support himself. The ER nurse took him beyond the doors for examination, out of my sight. I sat in the waiting area wondering if this was really happening. Then, over the PA system I heard the chilling announcement—“Code Stroke. Code Stroke”—and a nurse approached me.

“I am going to ask you to turn off your phone so I can take you back with your husband. He is having a stroke and it is a bit chaotic around him. I need you to be strong when I escort you back there.”

I could not wrap my head around what she just said. It was not possible. Yet at no time was I nervous or frightened. I followed the nurse.

It was pandemonium in that triage area. Equipment and people moving very quickly.

As soon as I saw my husband’s face, it was as though everything fell silent.

I walked directly over, took his head in my hands and placed my mouth on his temple above his right ear. “Father God, In the name of Jesus we say No to this stroke,” I felt surprisingly bold in my declaration. I looked my husband in the eye. “Bob, do you agree with me right now? You agree that you say NO to this stroke right now in the name of Jesus?” He slurred what I knew was agreement. “You hear that? We agree that in Jesus’ name we say NO to this stroke. We bind it and it will not be so. Stroke, you have no place in Bob’s body. Thank you, Lord.” Then I took a seat and let the professionals do their job.

A couple hours went by before the neurologist approached with news, “The MRI shows your husband’s body was having a stroke. But it didn’t quite take hold.”

“For we are God’s co-workers.” 1 Corinthians 3:9

I leaped to my feet and raised my hands to heaven…”YES!” I yelled.

“Thank you, Jesus! You hear that? We prayed it away! In the name of Jesus!”

My husband is fully recuperated. He has celebrated another birthday, and we witnessed Heaven touch Earth that morning.

“We have overcome by the blood of the Lamb
and the word of our testimony.” Revelation 12:11

What is your first response in crisis?
Are you confident to ask God for miracles in times of need?
What is your testimony as an overcomer in Christ?

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