Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you. Mt. 7:7

We spotted a whale in the distance as we approached the California coastline from Catalina. My cousin Danny veered off course to get a closer look. After watching several beautiful whales frolic and spout for a while, my cousin decided it was time to head back to port.

Not quite ready to abandon this wondrous sight, I suggested we pray for God to bring the whales over to our boat so that we could see them up close. Uproarious laughter ensued!

“It wasn’t good enough to see them from afar!” my cousin teased. “Sure…God has nothing better to do than bring the whales closer to us.” “Hey God,” my dad joked, “while you’re at it, we’d like two whales, one on the right side and one on the left.” More laughter.

“It isn’t about the whales,” I said, “but God wants to bless us by showing His faithfulness in our asking.” More laughter.

I went below decks to pray. I know how much the Lord delights in showing us His love, in big ways and small. I had no doubt, none at all that He would answer. I bowed with my head in my hands and asked, “Lord, please show my family how much you love us and how you really do hear our prayers.”

Suddenly I heard screaming on deck!

As I came topside, I saw two whales coming straight towards us! Two massive 100-foot blue whales, traveling side by side. They split at the bow of our boat—one swimming to the right, the other to the left—their heaving greatness so close they nearly touched either side of our vessel! Their spines rose above the water, displaying their enormous size as they passed by–as big as the 100 foot yacht we were sailing. Magnificent doesn’t begin to describe it!

Our joy knew no bounds. Even the skeptics and jokers stood in awe of the moment, our thrilling close encounter with these creatures of the deep, either of which could have tossed our boat like a tinker toy to the watery depths. But did not.

My entire family saw that God really does hear our prayers. And in His lavish love and generosity, He answered by sending not one but two of the largest mammals on earth, close enough to astound us, but not close enough to cause harm. Two spectacular blue whales, a few hundred tons of glory passing on either side – because we asked!

There was no chance in this experience, so powerful it prompted a three-hour family dinner conversation about our faith. For the next several hours there was jubilation and indescribable joy as we repeatedly watched the video of the magnificent blue whales, and listened to the sounds of our unfettered joy!

Our collective faith was enlarged that day, not because of the whales or the prayers, but because God showed us the measure of His great love.

He showed us His unfathomable love because we asked.

Do you hesitate to ask God for seemingly silly or small things?

Are you willing to seem foolish to others in order for them to see the glory of God?

Where would you like to ask Him to astound you today?

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