“I have been waiting for such a long time,” I said to my friend over lunch. “Yet I believe God has told me to wait and keep trusting Him. I’ve asked Him over and over again if I’m not hearing correctly and everything around me continues to point toward waiting. But I feel like I’m becoming an unruly child in this place!”

“What do you mean by an unruly child?” my friend asked.

“Well, how do I believe Him in difficult circumstances without becoming demanding?” I questioned. “Is there a way to wait in faith without coveting what He has promised and losing sight of the One who has promised it? How do I avoid bargaining with Him for my desired outcome or crossing the line into naming and claiming? And my situation is disintegrating day by day, so how do I know if I’m waiting in faith or simply in denial about my plight?”

How do I keep from crossing the line into ‘naming and claiming’ what I have been promised?

Nodding in sympathetic understanding, my friend offered no answers. As I continued to bombard her with probing questions, the light suddenly began to dawn!

It matters who you are in your waiting and it matters where you wait!

My thoughts turned to encounters with children in toy stores whose eyes are wide with longing for things they see on the shelves. Down one aisle is the child throwing a tantrum – I want that right now! You said I could have it! Another aisle holds the sobbing child clinging to a toy as her father says, – It’s not yours; you can’t take it home today! Next to her is the child bargaining with his father – You should let me have this because I’ve been doing all my homework and I stopped fighting with my brother!

Once in a while we encounter a serene child, standing beside his parent in patient expectation, shining eyes fixed in hope on the face he trusts. He knows beyond a shadow of doubt that he will receive what has been promised. He may wait without striving.

“Oh, Lord,” I exclaimed. “Now I get it! If I’m standing next to you as your beloved child, looking up at your face, I’m waiting in the right posture and place!”

When we wait for a very long time on a promise from God, it becomes difficult to stand in holy faith and trust without crossing lines into unruly, unholy behavior.

Understanding our place and identity helps us remain righteous and holy in our waiting.

If we stand here on earth next to the thing we want instead of beside our Father, then we wait in a posture of demanding expectation. Our eyes remain fixed on the object of our desire, rather than on Him. If we stand next to our desire for too long, it becomes our idol. We begin to insist on it, covet it, bargain for it, to name it and claim it.

But if we stand next to our Father, mindful of Who and Whose we are, we wait with Him from His heavenly Throne Room! We hold fast to our position and identity as His loved and chosen child. We wait in a posture of hopeful, holy expectation, certain of what we do not yet see because we trust our Father to give all that He has promised!

Now faith is the assurance of what is hoped for, the conviction of what is not yet seen. Hebrews 11:1

Is there something your heart is waiting for from God?

How do you see the posture of your waiting?

Where is God asking you to make adjustments in how you are waiting?

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