A journey to greater freedom in Christ. Isaiah 61

As you set aside time to engage in this transaction with God to walk into the forgiveness that He has for you through Jesus, know that this very thing is so powerful, pivotal and essential that He died for it.  If we don’t embrace this forgiveness, we effectively deny the power of the cross and the reality that He laid down His life for us.

RECEIVE the fullness of His mercy and blood shed on the cross– the personal, vital, life-giving power of His absolute forgiveness, the reality of His deep love for you.

As you sit with the Lord on this, you might start by asking:

Holy Spirit, show me where I’ve believed a lie? Write down what he shows you.

Holy Spirit, show me where the original seed of this lie was sown?

You could also ask questions like:

Where did I come into agreement with this lie?  Why do I believe that?

Usually there is an original incident, sometimes when we are very young, where the seed of a lie is sown.  As it grows, it takes on a life of its own.  You may not even recognize its destructive influence until the Holy Spirit shows you.

When He shows you the origin of the lie, acknowledge it is a lie and renounce it.

Ask him to exchange the lie with His truth.

Father, show me what is true here.

What do you sense?  Receive it and agree with God for His truth.

Keep going until you feel you are done.  More may come up later.  Deal with them as they arise.

Holy Spirit, show me any area where I need to forgive myself.

Acknowledge what He shows you.   Acknowledge the power of His blood and cross to forgive, redeem, and heal.

Watch for vows! “I will never. . .”  Renounce the vow and receive His forgiveness.

Do this out loud in your own private space.  Let this be a conversation/transaction between you and the Lord.