Caring Prayer

Have you ever wished for effective training tools for your prayer teams? Or is ministry prayer something your staff and lay members “just know” how to do?

Caring Prayer is a practical guide to prayer team ministry. This booklet offers models, strategies and practical guidance for effective prayer encounters. Caring Prayer is not a program or formula but simply a way of prayerfully loving and supporting others before God as the Holy Spirit leads.

While many are eager to support such prayer in the context of church life, we have found a deep need and desire for training tools to guide and equip people of faith to pray effectively for others.

This booklet is designed to train and facilitate the ministry of prayer offered as a face-to-face expression of love and support to anyone who is experiencing a need for which they desire prayer.

This is an ideal training tool for prayer ministry in churches, parachurch organizations and mission fields around the world.

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