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“Like nothing we have experienced before in Christ!”

Prayer Boot Camp offers an arsenal of skills, practices and essential scriptures to help believers grow in intimacy, identity and authority in Christ.

Interactive, experiential and relational, this curriculum is an avenue of engagement with the present reality of the Word that is God (John 1:1).

Designed for small groups and faith communities, the 12 units of Prayer Boot Camp gives everyone a voice. A voice to reflect and a voice to be heard in the progressive journey toward a deeper experience with God.

Unit 1 Worship, Stillness and Scripture
Unit 2 Invitation to Relationship
Unit 3 Confession and Repentance
Unit 4 Praying from the Inside Out
Unit 5 Prayer of Rest
Unit 6 Recognizing the Voice of God
Unit 7 Stones of Remembrance
Unit 8 Praying Like the Bride, Not the Widow
Unit 9 At the King’s Table
Unit 10 The Battle Ready Warrior
Unit 11 The Overcoming Warrior
Unit 12 Beholding God

Each Unit includes the following elements:

Worship Suggestions
Facilitator Guide
Three Streams of Engagement—Worship, Stillness, Scripture
Reflection Questions
Training Exercise (in group)
Going Deeper (for further reflection and practice between sessions)

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