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Hidden Manna Ministry is a place of prayer and provision for the journey in Christ. Our ministry team offers discipleship resources, training, prayer and pastoral care. Our passion is to serve the Lord and seek His transforming power for His church through worship, prayer and the sword of the Word.

Hidden Manna is dedicated to building unity, community and intimacy with Jesus. What does this ministry look like?

  • REFLECTION & REFRESHMENT in the presence of the Lord
  • GUIDED RETREATS for those seeking deeper communion with God
  • PRAYER MINISTRY & HEALING in a safe environment

CORE TO OUR DISCIPLESHIP RESOURCES is Prayer Boot Camp, an interactive 12-unit workbook offering tools and training for effective prayer based on the Word and presence of God. Prayer Boot Camp is a transformational experience for new and mature believers growing in unity and community. Participants say, “It’s like nothing we’ve experienced before in Christ!

Another of our discipleship resources is weekly Manna. Subscribe on this page to receive Manna email and join the conversation about spiritual life.

Hidden Manna Ministry is an expression of the Father’s longing to nurture His people and bring them to the feet and feast of Jesus for refreshment and transformation. Our team, which  represents a variety of churches, served together in Community Bible Study for more than a decade before forming Hidden Manna in 2002. Since then, our ministry to the Body of Christ continues to grow through the daily bread of His Word and on the absolute reliance Holy Spirit.

Please enjoy with us the prophetic art work of Jennifer Jones.